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Laser combat is an outdoor team sport much like paintball. You won't need a mask, but you will need your nerve because laser combat has all the Adrenalin Rush of paintball, but without the bruises, pain and expense. There are no projectiles being fired, just harmless infra-red beams very much like a super powerful TV remote would fire, so this is suitable for players aged just 7 to 70 years old. Please see the Laser page for further info.

Laser Clay shooting is the latest addition to our entertainment armoury. Laser Clay shooting uses deactivated 12-bore shotguns converted to fire invisible laser beams. Players shoot at the clay pigeons and hits are registered on an electronic scoreboard. Clays are launched in the same way as the traditional version, but up to 5 people can shoot at the same targets. The guns are quite heavy so generally suitable for those aged 12 and above.

Our mini tanks are ready to roll. Safer than quad bikes and go karts and suitable from aged 8 and above. If you are too small/young to drive, you simply need to be accompanied by an adult. This is a unique opportunity as there are very few mini tank driving courses in the world and we are the only one in London.
Our tanks can run on any surface; grass, sand, gravel, concrete and snow, so the English weather is no problem! Please see the Tank page for further info.

All three activities can be enjoyed at our purpose built venue in Chiswick, but subject to suitable space, we can bring the laser clay to you. Please ask for details

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